Beware of Scammers

Not only the authorities but, people have to be knowledgeable enough to identify scammers.

Have you ever received anonymous calls from strangers? Do they offer you any service that you are not aware of or guarantee 100% approval for banking facilities? Did they provide you the details of the company they are working for? Brace yourself. We are about to inform you about the tactics used by scammers to swindle you. Scammers are people who commit fraudulent activities by scheming with false information. In Malaysia, according to Deputy Home Minister II Datuk Jonathan Yasin, 51,000 reports were lodged in 2 years (Dec 2019-Dec 2021) on scamming. Especially in finance and banking industry, a total number of 15,546 non-existent loan cases were reported.

The telemarketing industry had to deal with numerous scamming cases on a daily basis. There are countless number of telemarketing companies out there which focus on different products or services. Nevertheless, the approach is quite similar to every telemarketing company. Here are some things people should be aware of whenever you receive calls from scammers regarding loan facilities.

1. Pretends to be representatives of a company

People should be aware about false information or dishonest schemed codified by scammers. Scammers usually pretend to be representatives from business or company entities. Hence, citizens can inspect the genuineness of the business or company through the e-Search feature in SSM official portal for validation. Once you have validated the company, you may entrust the representative because a company has customers’ private and confidentiality policies to follow.

2. Guarantees 100% approval of loan facilities

Additionally, scammers may guarantee the solution they are suggesting. To be precise, one cannot guarantee 100% for approval of loan facilities. There are policies, procedures, documentations and other additional requirements that authorities will follow through in order to approve any facilities. There are multiple possibilities in which you might get rejected from the application.

3. Requests upfront charges for their consultation.

Citizens should not completely trust the person but must first weigh the information provided. A professional consultancy, will not charge customers upfront to perform their consultation. Services are usually done first. Hence, people should be aware if any stranger asks for consultation fee prior.

These steps can help to tackle scammer cases in Malaysia. Government should not be the only party that fights against scammers, the people should take part too.



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